Bofa Help

Recently, we added a whole load of new material to BOFA, covering the Key Stage 2 Curriculum in Mathematics and English. At the same time, we updated the look and feel of the website. Don't worry, none of your tests have disappeared!

In order to access your tests, you will still need to log on in the same way, with the same username and password.

When they have logged in, your 'My Tests Dashboard' will look slightly different to how it did before. 

You'll notice at the top of the page there are some tabs which say the different subjects. We've made these nice and bright and colourful so you can find them easily. Just click on whichever subject you need. e.g. Maths 11+

But, if you're on a mobile or a tablet, you may instead see a drop down menu that just says 'Demos'. Just click on this and you should see the other subjects appear.

When you have found the subject that you want, read the information about how to do the tests. Scroll down, to see 3 buttons, 11, 11+ and 11++. If you're looking at the Key Stage 2 material, it will say Levels 3 - 6 instead. 

Just click the level of difficulty that you're wanting to work at and you will be able to see your tests as before!


  • Make sure you are logging onto the PUPIL'S account (this uses a different username and password to the account which you use to purchase a subscription).
  • Click on the tab of the subject that you are wanting to do a test in.
  • Scroll down to where it says 'Show Tests'.
  • Click on the level of difficulty that you are wanting to work at and you will see all of your tests there.