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Why use BOFA 11 plus?


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BOFA is a revelation in 11 plus exam preparation.





  1. Because pupils work independently at their own pace through four tests.
  2. After each test, BOFA identifies the weaker areas, gives advice and then produces specific practice questions.
  3. The pupils are then re-tested in these areas.
 This is, true Formative Learning.



Why has no other company produced a similar product?


I don't know! The size of the database of questions required to make BOFA work is three times larger than any existing paper or on-line version and it seems that no other company is prepared to spend the time and money necessary to create this type of ground-breaking test preparation.  Try the free demo for yourself to get an idea of the advantages to parents and pupils of this innovative system. 



Why has BOFA gone to all this hassle?


As a teacher, I saw the value of an online formative learning platform back in January 2001, and along with many other teachers assumed that the educational publishing houses would have versions up and running by 2003 by the latest. The problem was that they didn't. I had been asked to update the Bond Assessment books by Nelson Thornes around this time.  This initially involved just the Mathematics and Non-Verbal Reasoning Assessment papers. Following the success of the new editions I was asked to create packs of past papers which would be as realistic as possible.  The restriction here was having only 4 papers for each subject and no tutoring. Since then, the number of books has grown and they have proved very popular.

By 2005 it became clear that unless I did it, no other company was going to take on this challenge.  This is despite the fact that many universities in North America and the UK use Formative Assessment as a learning tool.  From then on Baines Online Formative Assessment was born.



How was BOFA 11 plus, Baines Online Formative Assessment, created?


Having sourced qualified, experienced, specialist authors to produce the questions and answers, I was fortunate to find Coherent Development to actually do the programming.

One of the main design constraints was simplicity.  Because the process of Formative Assessment is so complex, it meant that the algorithm for the test would need to be as simple as possible in order to make the online platform usable. It was important to ensure that the BOFA user was only dealing with one task at a time as it was to be used by children and adults alike.  After many months work the algorithm was complete and the code writing was underway.

It then took another 18 months to get this all together before the beta testing (actually trying out the product before sale).

The site went live on 21st July 2008 on and then was transfered over to on 1st October 2008.

Further development has been done since the launch along with a few tweaks and an upgraded version was launched in July 2009. In September 2009, we moved to our own dedicated server.

BOFA is here to stay and will keep on growing.

Thank you for visiting BOFA,


Andy Baines