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Learning with Primary Online is different, simple and fun

We personalise every test you take, to mega-boost the areas you need to work on (and skip topics you already know). So you get smarter, faster.

Primary Online is the only learning platform where every question comes in a three. Primary Online finds out what you know, then teaches you what you don't, with a little bit of practice. Primary Online then checks out whether you've remembered how to do it later on using a slightly different question. Primary Online emails your parents and teachers telling them how well you did before, how much effort you've put into learning, and which topics still require help.

When you log on to Primary Online, the first thing you will do is take an Initial Test, so that we can get a good understanding of what you're already good at.

When you've done this, you will see the answers you got wrong in the practice and explanation stage, and will be shown how to answer them correctly. You will then get to try out a similar question, which will teach you how to answer the same sort of question.

About a week later, so that we can check you have remembered everything long-term, you'll have another go at some similar questions in a Retest. This will show us what improvements you have made.

All of this information is put together in a special Report, which we email to your teacher or parent (maybe even both!).

Primary Online makes sure that you are learning the topics that you can't already do, rather than the ones that you already know. This means that logging on to Primary Online is always fun, and you can always expect to learn something new!

Someday, everyone will learn the BOFA way!

We're here to help but you're in charge. Our easy to understand explanations and always-new questions are at your fingertips, so you can practice, retest and improve at your own pace. Learning with Primary Online is your new superpower!

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We’re #BOFANTASTIC and here’s why

  • Our tests are designed by brilliant teachers who understand you.
  • No one gets stuck learning with Primary Online. Explanations are easy to digest and learn with.
  • We’ll update your parents (and/or tutor) on all your hard work and progress by email. Your printable feedback will show any questions that were marked wrong this time around, along with the answers.
  • You can customise the screen colours and text to suit your style (using the buttons at the bottom of the page).
  • Those who are speeding ahead can get plenty of extension work to keep them busy!

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